How a Design Clinic can help you when thinking of improving your home?

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“I used the Design Clinic service and it was excellent. I wanted a new layout for my kitchen and my husband wanted an extension to maximise the view. Patti came up with an excellent alternative which we are both extremely happy with, without having to add on an extension. She also stayed with us longer than she was supposed to and it was no issue at all. Excellent service, highly recommend Patti!”

Karen, Co. Tipperary November 2017


“Our home had a couple of problems, light and a small kitchen and the Design Clinic helped us to focus on what was needed in order to solve these problems. After a couple of years of imagining different permutations / re-jigging rooms the consultation clarified what needed to be done and what works in our house. Thank you to Patti who showed patience and imagination.”

Lynn, Limerick May 2016


“Initially we thought a 4 hour clinic seemed like a lot of time but we were so surprised the time flew by as Patti turned what we thought was a very straightforward extension plan in to a much more interesting design. She had loads of different ideas and really made the extension flow from the existing house. We had two design clinic sessions with Patti and the builder worked from her drawings. We are delighted with the outcome and would certainly not have the beautiful bright and spacious family room/kitchen we enjoy today were it not for Patti’s ideas, design and attention to detail. We have already recommended Patti to family members and friends.”

Maeve & Darragh, Co. Tipperary January & May 2016

Our role as Architects is to fully understand the aspects of your house that are not working for you and then to sketch out layout solutions that will fix these problems and bring out your property’s potential.

At our Design Clinic we carefully listen to your experience, and your frustrations, with your house. We then scrutinize your property, like a puzzle, to ensure your needs and options get teased out to achieve maximum potential.

Not only do we give you the design solutions which are right for you, we also put you on the right track, financially.

The layouts of many homes in rural Ireland were not designed by an architect, or even a trained designer. A badly planned layout leads to much unused and wasted space and the building of wasted space is a waste of money! Working with us will ensure you get the best layout of your home and the best return for your budget.

We provide you with a work plan that will help you deliver your dream house, and protect your budget

The recent history of the construction industry in Ireland is one of site-works being inflated into large contracts. Work plans were optimised to meet the needs of the builders rather than yours. We will provide you with a work plan that will help you control costs and ensure any building works you undertake are optimised to meet your needs and your budget.

Evaluating Your Site And Advising On Your Development Options