Why O’Neill Architecture is the Right Conservation Consultant for You

  • Thatch Cottage RestorationUncovering and saving essential details that give a strong character to the building.
  • Conservation Planning Quay Bar GalwayKnowing what to preserve and what is authentic requires sensitivity and a trained eye!
  • Conservation CottageWe monitor the works on-site to ensure unearthed treasures along the way are not missed.

There are often strong emotions involved in wanting to fix up or bring back the former glory of something that through neglect has become old and broken. Equally strong emotions are involved when adding something new which is keeping with an old building and enhances it in a sensitive yet rejuvenating way.

Conservation work to our buildings is a important part of our heritage. It roots us and makes us feel connected to one another, our background and often our environment through the natural materials that were exclusively used in old buildings.

Bringing back to life a neglected building, a former home or a yard shed can be very rewarding. Doing it with the right know-how and design ensures you will enjoy it for a long time.

We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to help you:

  • Realise Your Dream

    In a conservation project deeply rooted dreams can be achieved. I believe this is because of their natural materials and the comfort that history and heritage can give us. We can help you by identifying these elements in your property and how to make the most of them.

  • Get Planning Permission

    We hold an Architects Accreditation for Conservation at Grade III.
    This enables us to compile and submit conservation reports required for planning submissions for protected properties.

  • Get the Consultants and Building Contractors you need

    A conservation project can also require the input of an engineer or other specialist consultants. We work to ensure their input is similar to ours in that it has to be sensitive to the structure and only localised repair as opposed to global replacement. The methods of one size fits all do not apply here, and surprisingly this approach is often much more cost-effective as the structure is carefully assessed.
    In conservation work we use the same tendering approach as our the Full Architectural Service but also work to find contractors that have an understanding of traditional building methods. We administer the standard RIAI building contracts to ensure everyone is singing off the same hymn sheet. We co-ordinate the work of the specialist consultants and contractors to achieve the right solutions for you.

Many mistakes are made through shortcuts and quick fixes in conservation work.
However these are very costly in the longer term as often they do not work and cause destruction to the building which then inevitably requires repair and rebuilding.

Save money by working with us and avoid expensive mistakes.

 How Working With Us Will Protect your Building AND Save You Money