Why O’Neill Architecture is the Right Fit for You!

  • RIAI House

    Cottage restoration enlarging opening to south to get sunlight & warmth into rooms.

  • RIAI-House2

    Stripping back to the stone & lime mortar walls – repairing the coining along the window openings with salvaged bricks and lime mortar.

Our role as Architects is to improve the quality of your life by giving you the design that best meets your needs. But we do so much more than that.

  • We help get projects quickly off the ground and past the initial start-up obstacles.
  • We take an overview and advise on all your options and on any potential avenues for securing funding.
  • We listen carefully to what you need and what you want. Then we package this so that it meets the requirements and the interests of those providing funding and support for projects such as yours.

We help you get the best return on your investment AND take the stress off you throughout the building process.

  • We keep you fully informed throughout the different work stages, explaining all your options at each of the decision making points along the way and the possible outcomes of your decisions.
  • We co-ordinate the building process. We have the necessary knowledge and experience and we know how to ask the right questions when getting information on products and services and how they will influence the whole building process.
  • There are also many different consultants, trades, specialists and suppliers to co-ordinate. We carefully programme each of the project stages to ensure that they all fit together on cue. Like orchestrating a band to hit the same tune! Your tune!
Step 1: Getting The Right Design Solution For You