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During the Design Clinic I will draw up a good working layout and give you general advice on what to watch out for during the building process.

Most people commissioning the Design Clinic are aware or have had some sort of negative experience where the tradesperson has been asked to design the layout. For example, I will advise you on what to ask and not to ask of the tradesperson. With a good layout life is often made easier for the builder so that he can concentrate on the work that needs to be done instead of losing time and money trying to work out the unresolved spaces.

Having works carried out in your home disturbs your privacy and can be unsettling at the best of times. In this state it can be hard to remember your intent and not wish they were out of your space before the work is fully completed. During the Design Clinic I give general pointers what to watch out for when getting a builder in to your home to do the small works. I also advise you on how to be firm about what you want to get done and how to have the confidence to make sure your house is completed to your satisfaction.

There are, from time to time, different grants available for upgrading a property, e.g. to meet disability standards or for protected buildings.

Through up to date knowledge of these I can suggest who to contact for possible grants. Often grant aids from the authorities have time limits for the funding to be drawn down. I can also advise on how you can ensure your project moves along and does not become a typical never-ending building project.

Additionally you always have the option of seeing your project through to completion with us – see Full Architectural Services for more details.

Patti came to us highly recommended and we can see why!

We had discussed altering our home and had come up with lots of ideas, but we needed some clarity in the form of expert advice. Patti listened to our requirements, assessed the house and came up with lots of ideas, that were both practical and creative. At the end of the day Patti left us with a plan that was exactly what we were hoping for!  We are thrilled with the outcome and would highly recommend Patti to anyone seeking to improve their home.

Mick & Anne, Co. Limerick

We had our Design Clinic conducted over Skype due to Covid 19. Patti really captured what we were looking to achieve and how best we could integrate this into our home. We didn’t lose any of the value of Patti’s brilliant Design Clinic concept, we just didn’t get to meet her in person! Our end product design is exactly what we need. Many thanks Patti.

Julie and Zenia, Co. Cork

Our home had a couple of problems, light and a small kitchen and the Design Clinic helped us to focus on what was needed in order to solve these problems. After a couple of years of imagining different permutations / re-jigging rooms the consultation clarified what needed to be done and what works in our house. Thank you to Patti who showed patience and imagination.

Lynn, Limerick

I needed to downsize the existing plans for the renovation to my cottage. I found Patti's webpage and liked the idea of a Design Clinic. Patti came onsite and looked at my existing plans; Patti got me to focus on what I wanted from the cottage and how I would live in the space. I was downsizing and family were moving on to start their own journey in life. The meeting with Patti was well worth it, I used some of her suggestions in redesigning my extension, and now 4 years later I am living in the house and love it. Thanks Patti

Ann Marie Kennedy, Co. Limerick

How can we make the house work for us? Should we downsize? We all have blind spots yet we had a notion of what we wanted. When you embark on a building project it evolves, you allow time for it to digest and then change. Our two Design Clinics with Patti illuminated the blind spots and in the new layout we use all the spaces.

We have great satisfaction of how Patti maximises the use of the sun from early in the morning till late in the evening, which saves on our fuel bills and is good for the environment. Mostly, however, there is a sense of well being from living in a house where the sun is going through all day. We would never had envisioned the home that we have without Patti's professional advice. Overall we found the service superb.

Dorothy & Peter, Co. Tipperary

The Design Clinic was the prefect way for us to create a plan for the layout of our home.  We got to see our home through an experts eye, and got insights we had not considered. It was amazing to see the plan come together over a few hours...throughout the day Patti assured us that the answers were there, and that we would get to a completed plan... and her confidence in her process is deserved. We were able to take the time to discuss every idea and concern and had plans we were really satisfied with by the end of the day. In fact it was a really enjoyable day.

Lisa and Con, Co. Cork

The one day design clinic is a beneficial start, assisting  with jump-starting the process of renovating through in depth brainstorming and identifying the potential of a property. After lengthy discussions  with Patti, clarity in terms of needs, wants and necessities regarding  living and the function of a space are uncovered, explored and mapped out on a floor plan. Regardless of whether you are ready to renovate, or are only in the possibilities stage, the clinic provides inspiration and motivation to move forward.

Kathleen, Co. Clare

Patti had the ability to transform our family needs into a house extension design that surpassed our expectations. She skilfully integrated it to our existing home, maximising the use of light and space. It was a positive and creative experience working with Patti and would highly recommend her for residential renovation projects.

Gillian, Co. Tipperary

I used the Design Clinic service and it was excellent. I wanted a new layout for my kitchen and my husband wanted an extension to maximise the view. Patti came up with an excellent alternative which we are both extremely happy with, without having to add on an extension. She also stayed with us longer than she was supposed to and it was no issue at all. Excellent service, highly recommend Patti!

Karen, Co. Tipperary

We really feel we got a lot out of the day and we are also very happy with a new sense of flow and connection. We would be very happy to recommend Patti's work.

Kerry & David, Co. Dublin

Thanks to Patti’s time and patience I now have a design for an old stone barn which I will restore and turn into my home.
We discussed at length what I wanted and what I needed. This process was not easy for me but with Patti’s patience and encouragement and at the end of a very long day I had a plan I really liked.
Thank you sincerely Patti.

Joan Co. Cork

Initially we thought a design clinic consultation seemed like a lot of time but we were so surprised the time flew by as Patti turned what we thought was a very straightforward extension plan in to a much more interesting design. She had loads of different ideas and really made the extension flow from the existing house. We had two design clinic sessions with Patti and the builder worked from her drawings. We are delighted with the outcome and would certainly not have the beautiful bright and spacious family room/kitchen we enjoy today were it not for Patti’s ideas, design and attention to detail. We have already recommended Patti to family members and friends.

Maeve & Darragh, Co. Tipperary

We found Patti very insightful, knowledgeable and helpful. She helped us choose a design for our 1900's farm house revamp bringing together modern twist while still maintaining the character and personality of the house. Thanks again for your design really appreciate it.

Brian & Claire, Co. Limerick

I have been showing the outcome plan drawing of the Design Clinic to everyone and my enthusiasm is carrying it. They're very excited in the heel of the hunt to see me moving forward. Our Design Clinic session was fantastic – I didn't know I could love the house as much as I do. I looked at it as an expense and something I must do whereas I feel now that I have a golden opportunity to get to do this work. I'm dreaming of my Galtee Mountains view.

John, Co. Limerick