In this project we applied a Zero Waste concept. The idea originates from efforts to reduce defects in the Japanese manufacturing industry. They force attention onto the whole life-cycle of products, which encompasses design, waste reduction, reuse and recycling. We sought to translate this approach by specifying natural. recycled and recyclable materials for this house extension.

Our research revealed a range- from sheep’s wool, wood-fibre insulation board, timber, wooden window and door frames, GGBS concrete to roof waterproofing membrane of a polymer base. We excluded other membranes, learning of the benefits of Breathable Wall Systems. Even for the substructure, we discovered foam glass gravel, made of recycled glass, which is both structural and insulating and reduces cold bridging.

And finally, for extra warmth, a grass roof was installed over the section of the bedroom extension.

Our design approach involves also maximising natural heating and lighting solutions. This means designing spaces and openings according to their orientation.

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