Step 3: Detailed Design & Tendering for a Contractor

  • detail roof window1This roof window was carefully detailed to achieve that the roof window pane was on the same plane as the roof surface.
  • window paneling

    Vertical windows neatly integrated into douglas fir wood paneling with the introduction of an extended panel to the window frame.

  • curve

    Everything lines up even on the curve! Careful detailing again.

Designing the details to maximise your use of space and save you money

Once the design is completed the building project is drawn up in detail and tendered to building contractors. Most people are aware of the planning process but often underestimate the complexity of the tendering process. Our precision at this stage minimises the chance of ambiguities and surprises during the construction period. It ensures that all costs have been allocated and there are no cost over-runs when the project goes on site.

Most people also don’t fully appreciate to what extent a builder’s advice can be coloured by his own objectives. All too often we see houses that have very obviously been designed by builders and draughtsmen. These houses that are often not orientated to the sun nor do they make good usage of the site. Instead the site and the internal layout of the houses were designed simply for ease of construction.

Our experience and expertise both in detailed design and in preparing tender documentation ensures we avoid this common pitfall. We act on your behalf to deliver a house that is designed solely to meet your needs and aspirations. Through our good detailing we eliminate unnecessary materials and minimise labour costs.

Step 4: Getting Your Design Built