Step 4: Getting Your Design Built


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    Beautifully finished details and overall successful building project example.

The devil is in the detail. All the planning and detailing has been done, and now at this vital stage in the building process we make sure it is actually built the way it was designed. It is thus the most important stage. Rigorous control over building activities and costs is maintained by us on on your behalf.

We do this by drawing up the appropriate standard RIAI building contract and administering it throughout the period of construction which minimises disputes and maximises satisfactory results. We issue the construction drawings to the contractor, we inspect that the works have been carried out accordingly and we certify payments of the completed works at agreed stages of the build. Throughout this process we keep you fully informed, advise on any decisions required to be made by you and the implications of any requested changes.

A building is not like buying a product which is produced in a factory. It is made complicated through being connected to the land, exposed to the elements and requiring many hands, all of which can throw unforeseen obstacles. With our experience and knowledge of this process these difficulties and often stressful moments are overcome to achieve a successful building project on time and on budget.