Evaluating Your Site and Advising on Your Development Options

  • Design Clinic

We understand that you intuitively know what is not working for you and what you need.

At the Design Clinic I, Patti O’Neill, principal at O’Neill Architecture, a member of the RIAI and an award winning architect, come to the property in question and listen to your needs to establish a clear brief. I listen carefully to your experiences and subsequent frustrations that you have had with your house. After a comprehensive understanding of the house & site and a quick survey, solutions get teased out like a puzzle and translated into options that maximises its potential. I offer suggestions and advice in the form of sketches & a work plan. These improvements range from simple layout adjustments to where to put an extension. The approach is to ensure the scope of works and the build costs are only as big as they absolutely need to be. For example, usually small adjustments to an existing house will achieve the desired result. Not only is the outcome the right design solution for you, I also put you on the right track financially.

At a fixed price the Design Clinic works with you to create a concept layout plan to scale. Please call us to make an appointment if you are thinking of improving your home.

Moving Forward With Your Design Solution