Moving Forward With Your Design Solution

  • ONeill Architecture new build

During the Design Clinic I will draw up a good working layout and give you general advice on what to watch out for during the building process.

Most people commissioning the Design Clinic are aware or have had some sort of negative experience where the tradesperson has been asked to design the layout. For example, I will advise you on what to ask and not to ask of the tradesperson. With a good layout life is often made easier for the builder so that he can concentrate on the work that needs to be done instead of losing time and money trying to work out the unresolved spaces.

Having works carried out in your home disturbs your privacy and can be unsettling at the best of times. In this state it can be hard to remember your intent and not wish they were out of your space before the work is fully completed. During the Design Clinic I give general pointers what to watch out for when getting a builder in to your home to do the small works. I also advise you on how to be firm about what you want to get done and how to have the confidence to make sure your house is completed to your satisfaction.

There are, from time to time, different grants available for upgrading a property, e.g. to meet disability standards or for protected buildings.

Through up to date knowledge of these I can suggest who to contact for possible grants. Often grant aids from the authorities have time limits for the funding to be drawn down. I can also advise on how you can ensure your project moves along, and does not become a typical never ending building project.

Additionally you always have the option of seeing your project through to completion with us – see Full Architectural Services for more details.