The architect’s concept is to simplify the existing house with clear roof lines and seamlessly joining the new volumes of the extension to the existing house. The newly created interior and exterior spaces are orientated to maximise passive solar gain and connect to the spectacular views of the lake and surrounding mountainous landscape. The simplification of the volumes and roof harmonises the house with the landscape setting and reduces its visual impact.

The existing 18sqm sunroom conservatory to the north west of the house is to be replaced with 27sqm oval shaped room integrated with the existing house by using the same roofing membrane material and aligning the new room with the existing north east elevation. The new basement extension level of 43sqm will contain two bedrooms, a bathroom and internal access to the existing basement rooms which are to be insulated and refurbished. The basement level also creates the Ground Floor level terrace accessed only from the oval shaped room. This terrace is set back 3meters from the existing extensive wooden terraces and angled to catch the sun as well as the view.

The existing entrance porch is to be enclosed and a new entrance opening is proposed at the existing kitchen window. The entrance will be emphasised with glazing above the double doorway and at roof level which will also increase natural light in the presently dark living room interiors. Further roof-lights are proposed to bring natural light into the corridor leading to the bedrooms and above the dining area. No roof-lights will be directly facing the lake.


Roof – as described above in Roof refurbishment, it is proposed to re-roof the existing dwelling in a membrane of metal or PVC with standing seams and tight lying semi-circular gutters.

Walls – existing walls are to be covered in exterior insulation and finished with a sand/cement render. The existing stone clad parts will no longer be visible except at the main chimney. The partially rotten timber cladding over the existing entrance will be removed. The curved shape of the extension is to be vertically clad in untreated wood timbers such as douglas fir which will weather to silver in colour matching the roof colour. The basement extension part will be sand/cement render to match the existing house.


The unfinished existing wooden terraces to the north / west and north / east of the house, which currently have no safety railings, are proposed to be removed. The basement extension bedrooms will form the base for a terrace at Ground Floor level facing the lake. This terrace is only accessible from the house. The removal of the existing terrace further reduces the entry points of the house through the 3 bedrooms via their sliding doors, which are to be fitted with a glass safety balustrade. Reducing the amount of door entrances to the house increases its security.

Design Team

EPA upgrade – John Delaney of Geoenvironmental Consultants, Thurles
Structural Engineer – Fred Hollywood of Hollywood Construction Enginnering, Nenagh,
Landscape Architect – Bernard Seymour of Bernard Seymour Landscape Architects


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Planning Permission received 2014 – Planning ref. no. 14510010