During the consultation of a Design Clinic O’Neill Architecture were asked to analyse the construction procedure of an existing planning permission. Budget constraints were discussed and we highlighted that the floor area of the previously attained planning application was very large at approx. 240sqm. The outcome was to redesign and reduce the house floor area to 140sqm while still containing the original brief and to create a stronger connection to the surroundings and orientation of the sun.


The results of the redesign achieved a more compact layout with views to the east, south and west. Based on a simple vernacular profile, two separate rectangular volumes housed the living & sleeping areas and were joined by a flat roofed building creating the entrance area, kitchen and south facing terrace. The volumes were staggered to add protection to the outdoor spaces from the winds and at the same time frame the views from the interiors. The layout was a total of 140sqm which included the same brief and sizes of rooms of the previous application, however wasteful corridors were minimised by the central entrance.