This Design Clinic progressed to further development of the brief. The Client requested a carport be integrated into the house design visible throughout the interior and connecting to a back door entrance. Previous consultation by the Client with the Planning Department had resulted in a restriction that the house is to be of a single storey appearance.


The idea of this design is that the front of the house is viewed as single-storey while the rear of the house becomes two-storeys wrapping itself around the centrally featured carport. This is achieved by creating a split level with the front part of the house and submerging the rear floor level by 4 steps. By orientating the carport to the south ample light can be guaranteed even in winter when the sun is low lying and will reach into the centre of the house. Large window openings are arranged to maximise the passive solar gain and extensive views to the south and west while the utility rooms are located to the north with small window openings. The shape of the building creates different outdoor sheltered areas which are easily accessed through the interior relaxation rooms.