‘Rhubarb Patch House Tour’

A great day at Rhubarb Patch House presenting our contributions to a stunning cottage & barn renovation by homeowners Kevin and Lindsay Deely. Three years ago the project started with a Design Clinic with O’Neill Architecture.
We had two tours each with a very interested and enthusiastic audience. Lindsay gave the introduction and told the story of the journey of the building project, I described the design process and natural materials suitable for stone constructions, and the main contractor Laurik Mathieu of Mathieu & Mitchell Ltd, conveyed his passion for the lime renders and hemp lime insulation.

photo from December 2019 – the first Design Clinic

photos by Edel Fitzpatrick 2022 – the finished product!

And 3 years later a super cozy home for Lindsay and Kevin to enjoy after all their hard work. Well done guys – an inspiration for all people thinking of doing up a cottage!

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