It’s 8pm mid summer. All is quite, the workmen have gone home. I am alone in the new space. There is movement behind the curved wall; kids playing on the square, people and cars passing occasionally. Already I get the sense of protection the curved wall will offer although for now I hear the sounds. There is a big distraction through the sun rays glowing in the space. It’s exciting. As architects we design these spaces, we imagine what they will look like and feel like, we anticipate the effects of light throughout the day, we consider the views and carefully select the materials. The process is a long one and for a long time it is in our imagination. So we create it and we own it. Until such time when it is built. And even during that process it is still ours until just about now. This evening it still feels like mine even though I know from now on I’ll be handing it over.

House On The Curve