A dilapidated cottage in County Tipperary has been given a new lease of life by its architect owner Patti O’Neill.

Patti was prepared to take on the daunting task of renovating the cottage and reinstating the natural breathable materials. “I removed an incredible 60 plus tons of cement concrete from the walls, floors and exterior pathways, completely stripping back the house to the bone. I used lime mortar instead of cement for the walls and created new floors with limecrete, all supplied by the Traditional Lime Company. At one time every parish in Ireland had a lime kiln. Lime is much more ecologically friendly to produce and is a natural moisture regulator for interior spaces,” says Patti.

By taking up the floors and reinstating them to the original levels as well as raising the door lintels Patti made the door openings an acceptable height. She was able to reinstate the floors with a lime and leca (light expanded clay aggregate) insulating mix and install underfloor heating within the limecrete layer without using any damp-proof membranes, as any dampness is now able to dissipate naturally.”

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