Taking off the cement render started as soon as we got the keys to our thatched cottage back in early 2013. There was a total feeling of urgency and as the works proceeded the feeling transformed into relief and being able to breath again.
The porch was made of solid cement presumably constructed in the 1950s. It took the 2 men three days to remove with the large street kango – the mix was almost pure cement! Finally we were ready to start with the real refurbishment works.
The last 3 photos are from the late 1970s when the cottage was rethatched and the render removed and put back again with new cement render and straight lines 😞.
Luckily now there is a growing awareness and understanding that cement not only suffocates these stone buildings but also is structurally damaging for them and makes them cold. More and more people are doing great work freeing these buildings from their cement straight-jackets!