Town House Refurbishment in Nenagh

Coming to completion our recent project on-site a town house refurbishment. We relocated the lower staircase and lined it up under the new staircase leading to the attic. This opened up space especially in the ground floor. In the first floor we also reduced the oversized bathroom and created an open-plan utility area which creates an impression of a larger space as well as bringing additional light into the stairwell. Our aim was to keep as many of the original features as possible, for example the tiles in the ground floor and stripping back the existing wooden floors as well as repairing the existing fireplaces. With good work from Contractor Jim Hogan and his team we got the project on time and on budget. See below photos for our successful outcome.

Feature Staircase - First Floor

Feature Staircase – First Floor

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Step By Step

Steady progress with a town house refurbishment in Nenagh:

Town House Refurb

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RIAI Annual Review, Irish Architecture, Vol 2

O’Neill Architecture’s ZERO WASTE project ‘Extension To The Rear’ featured in the RIAI Annual Review of Irish Architecture.

Zero Waste RIAI Annual Review 2011

“Receiving a ‘Highly Commended’ in the RIAI Emerging Practice Award has given us the confidence to persevere in an industry that still needs to improve the environmental contribution it could be making”

House on the Curve – As seen on TV ‘About the House’

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About the Architect

Duncan’s comments

House On The Curve - About The House House On The Curve House On The Curve House On The Curve - Front view Sundial House On The Curve Front Terrace Sundial House On The Curve Public View Sundial House On The Curve East View Sundial House On The Curve Kitchen Living House On The Curve Sun South Sundial

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Haley Bueno CPD Officer, RIAI Southern Region November 8, 2011
Dear Patti, Well done! I remember you mentioning about this project and you seemed to have done a great job. I hope to see it on November 22nd.

Colm Doyle of DMVF Architects November 23, 2011
Patti O’Neill, the poster child for saving boom time housing!

House on the Curve – Architect’s Imagination

It’s 8pm mid summer. All is quite, the workmen have gone home. I am alone in the new space. There is movement behind the curved wall; kids playing on the square, people and cars passing occasionally. Already I get the sense of protection the curved wall will offer although for now I hear the sounds. There is a big distraction through the sun rays glowing in the space. It’s exciting. As architects we design these spaces, we imagine what they will look like and feel like, we anticipate the effects of light throughout the day, we consider the views and carefully select the materials. The process is a long one and for a long time it is in our imagination. So we create it and we own it. Until such time when it is built. And even during that process it is still ours until just about now. This evening it still feels like mine even though I know from now on I’ll be handing it over.

House On The Curve

House on the Curve, Nenagh

House On The Curve

1st week on-site. Willie McGrath (man with hard-hat) of McGrath Construction built the houses of this estate 10 years ago. A passer-by stated ‘you built the place now you’re taking it apart!’